Bubbles the tortoise miraculously survived 48 hrs underwater. rescued by her owner who donned a wetsuit and dived into the cold pond to save his shell friend. 

(Source: Gazette-news.co.uk )

A concerned owner was left shell-shocked when he found his pet tortoise in his pond after two days of being missing – alive.

The miracle reptile called Bubble is more than 60 years old, but is thought to have survived her underwater adventure due to the cold environment.

Owner Chris Casswell said: “I got into the pond in my wetsuit and found her three feet underwater in the pond.

“She was in a bad way so we took her to the vets and he said he had known a tortoise survive 24 hours but not 48 hours underwater before.

“Because it was cold they slow down into hibernation and they are very good at holding their breath.”

She is now said to be feeling much better and has been reunited with her male companion, Sandra.

So glad Florentine is safe and sound and way to go Ireland for caring about tortoises

(Peter Coulter – BBC Ireland)

He’s the twitter tortoise who had all of Ireland looking for him but today Florentine, the 100-year-old family pet finally found his way home.

Florentine escaped from his home in the south Dublin suburb of Rathgar in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The Eogan family, who have owned the tortoise for the last 40 years, took to social media in an attempt to find him.The hashtag #rathgartortoise began trending on twitter across Ireland. Florentine’s story went viral with all the major media outlets in Ireland following the story.

Cliona Eogan, 30, told BBC News Online: ”The reaction across Ireland has been unbelievable – we never expected that it would take off like this…Now he is home we have given him some of his favorite foods as a treat – lettuce and strawberries.”

Well wishers took to twitter after news of his safe return broke. @Hollygray10 said “I’m so happy the #rathgartortoise has been found safe and well.” @CultHeritageIrl added “The Irish Nation breaths a sigh of relief as Florentine the tortoise is found.”

Florentine is now recovering in his garden and enjoying his new found celebrity status.