Cleopatra è la tartaruga di alcuni amici; ogni tanto mi chiedono di andare a nutrire/tenere compagnia al cane, Tobia, e la Cleo ogni volta non si trova mai prima che loro partano.
Allora mi dicono “hey senti se la trovi mettila nel recinto!” E io “okay!” [ That means Chissà dove cazzo è sta tartaruga!] E te va, entro in cortile e questa mi fa pure servizio accoglienza, ma che cuore❤🐢
Ciao Cleoooo

Is there anything better than an excited tortoise running up to greet you. 😍  nope. the answer is nope. 

loose translation:

“Cleopatra is m friends tortoise. Every now and they they ask me to care for their dog, Tobia, and cleo the tortoise who is always missing! They always tell me “hey, can you keep an eye out for Cleo” Then I go in the yard and am met with this greeting…


Nose bop test!This cookie cutter passes the nose bop test and the orange-as-a-pumpkin test!Is this pumpkin shape lopsided?Hmmm...nice and stable!Is this going to rock back and forth like a rocking chair?Nope, no rocking!What's next on the list, Mommy?I DON'T LIKE THIS PART OF THE TESTING, MOMMY.That's it, forget making cookies!GIMME NOMS THIS INSTANT!


November NOMS!

Looking for a last minute Thanksgiving dessert? Make pumpkin cookies!

  1. Find a deliciously pumpkin-colored and pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter.
  2. Bop the cookie cutter with your nose! Nose bops are most important!
  3. Walk through the cookie cutter to make sure it is stable and won’t give you lopsided pumpkin cookies.
  4. Check that the cookie cutter is the right size for generous but not ginormous cookies. If it just fits a baby tortoise, it’s the right size!
  5. Forget making cookies, go find your human and demand radicchio this instant!

Kirby! Are you growing again? YAY! These are good tips.