Holding a virtual/tumblr based memorial for the Late Great Lonesome George! starting at 10:30 am! Submit!

Its been both gut wernching and heartwarrming to find so many people on Tumblr effected by his loss. I’ve been collecting posts and resources where we may be able to help facilities that work to maintain the Finding so much I’ve decided to call this the  Tort-Time festival in remembrance of Lonesome George and propagation of a legacy to benefit all our shelled friends, through resources and education!

Please submit your posts regarding Lonesome george, feelings, songs etc, as well as organizations that you know help our shelled friends of all kinds so I can add them to the list I’ll be providing for those who want to donate in honor of Lonesome George. Get them to me ASAP *or I’ll just add em in as they come in )

and again, any posts you’d like to submit throughout the day on these topics just submit away, Hope to see you at the memorial later today… AND SPREAD THE WORD!