Is there any way you can help me identify this little dude? My family is moving into an new house, and we found it in a tank. It’s previous owners left it there ): we’ve decided to keep it but I don’t know what species it is? Please help!

Hey there! WOW I honestly can’t understand how people can just abandon their animals like that. Poor shell baby is lucky you and your family moved in. That little one definitely looks like Box Turtle to me, from what I see an Eastern Box Turtle.  

It also looks like this shell might have an eye infection. It’s hard to tell from the pictures (and I’m not a Box turtle expert) but from what I’ve read, Boxies are prone to eye and ear infections. Looking at the pics the half-shut eyes are suspect to me.

 I’m guessing her or she did not have the proper temperature or humidity before you arrived.  Some extra warm soaks might help here. Also make sure the temps and humidity are on point. Truly, a visit to a vet is never a bad idea,  but especially with questionable health, not knowing what this poor little one has been through.

Here’s one Box Turtle site with info written by someone I know works in herpetology and researchers best care.

Hopefully some other folks can share their experience and direct you to more info?