She sleeps in here… is that strange? 

hee strange or adorable!? Both maybe? 

p.s.  I think your little one likes to be hydrated. Check your temperature gradient.. sometimes temps too high can lead to dehydration.. or? she is just really good at giving herself a good soak. She is a beauty queen with no prompting! Can’t claim too much knowledge about her species but.. looks like she’s making it happen all on her own. 

Mine does not do that on her own, regardless of whatever water feature I introduce to the terrarium. For us? its a by weekly soak in her special tub.. a dollar store bin I call Zoya’s day spa 🙂 

aww they heart you! but did you know tortoises can’t comprehend glass! They’ll just keep going for it. Better to put them in a terrarium where they can’t see out and get some great air. Don’t want them to  hit their heads too hard! Thats how bad things happen to tortoises and football players. they are gorgeous! 


The story of this, was that I set food down, they seemed eager to eat, so I grabbed my phone to take pictures.

Then suddenly: both of them turn to me.

And walk and walk towards me.

Fighting against the glass, as if they could reach me.

My precious babies.