We got a turtle today!


Her name is Ginny Titanic Weasley ~insertmylastnamehere~

My sisters and I all helped name her xD


That’s a picture of her. Being held by my sister. She doesn’t look too happy about it… (:


She will learn to love ya. Do some research on proper care, giver her that, and she’ll associate you with goodness really soon. Takes a few weeks to adjust… think of her as an adoptive child.. she’s suspicious now.. but she’ll quickly learn to associate you and your sis with food and fun 🙂  YAY!! you’re gonna fall even more in love so soon and you won’t even think it was possible. 


Proof that tortoises are in fact evil,
and that if it wasn’t caged up myself and my family would be dead by now because this little bastard would have eaten us all.

Seriously what is with those claws? 
No sound cos, well, there wasn’t anything to hear really.  

We’ve warned you about the #turtpocalypse. perhaps we should clarify that your blasphemous words against us will not put you in good standing when we take over.  Your fear after witnessing our ability to devour roughage is wise. In the future we would prefer you refer to us as “the powerful and benevolent creatures that have spared you and the family out of appreciation for your humble acceptance of our potential”. 

Are you ever bothered by people calling tortoises turtles and vica versa? I’ve noticed that you don’t appear to care one way or the other…

Well it may seem like I don’t but I do.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I like to include both the turtle and tortoise hashtags in order to share the love.. since lots of people who like cute pics of either don’t know the difference or use turtle as a generic hashtag. I’m not saying that its ok not to know the difference.. but its the way it is so I want to be inclusive. At the same time, I try to intermittently put out there info on the difference and when things really call for it, point out poor care directly. 

I see a lot of tortoise and turtle care that I know is not the best. All of my research has helped me identify the rights, wrongs, and WAY WRONGS (that pet stores tell you to do even though its terrible) when I see them, though my knowledge is mostly in regards to russian tortoises.

Its not always easy. Here’s my big issue… I don’t want people to get angry at comments on their photos and thus hate internet “know it alls” and not try and learn from advice out there. I feel that aggressively pointing out wrong information can actually be detrimental to the animals in question. So, I try as much as possible to post things I have learned from my mailing lists, and what others have taught me in regards to russian tortoises (since that is truly the only type I can claim real tangible knowledge about) and pass along information about the things I’ve learned about other species from my research and the mailing lists I’m on run by experts who run rescues, without directing them at particular people. Its my hope that those who follow will read those posts too and say “oh hey.. ” and take steps from there. 

Its been something I’ve grappled with quite a bit as of late. I don’t want to attack posters who love their animals and just haven’t gotten to the point of knowing certain things… but I also see lots of adorable, lovable images of very well loved animals that are ‘victims’ (if you will) of crappy information. 

Point is, I can’t claim to know about the proper care of all turtles or tortoises.. but I’ve learned lots and really wanted to pass the info along, or places to find good info,  to those who share the love of these animals like I do. SO, i’m taking your ask as an opportunity to introduce the plan I’ve been working on for a bit. 

Wednesdays’ weekly no no.

I hope to post weekly (wednesday’s is the plan) things that I’ve seen in pics I’ve posted that are, in fact, poor care for their tortoises, and turtles, that I know about from real research and/or experts.

So thanks for this question! I do care, it does bother me, but I want to propagate the love of both tortoises and turtles.. while also slipping in some knowledge with out attacking the people that love their pets but don’t know any better.  I care more about the proper care than the proper label so.. thats my LONG answer. I’ll be introducing this in a shorter way in the coming week but for now, Thanks for asking!