aww they heart you! but did you know tortoises can’t comprehend glass! They’ll just keep going for it. Better to put them in a terrarium where they can’t see out and get some great air. Don’t want them to  hit their heads too hard! Thats how bad things happen to tortoises and football players. they are gorgeous! 


The story of this, was that I set food down, they seemed eager to eat, so I grabbed my phone to take pictures.

Then suddenly: both of them turn to me.

And walk and walk towards me.

Fighting against the glass, as if they could reach me.

My precious babies.

The turtle playing football.. omg.


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I believe this is in fact tortoises training our anipals, slowly but surely, that they need to respect the tortoises and turtles.. for when the #turtpocalyps comes.. we can have hard working high ranking minions… liket the dog. 


Here is a dog on a chair being pulled by a tortoise. A tortoise chariot, if you will.  Is this the evolution of the dog riding the tortoise taxi, or the historical antecedent? Please watch and clarify this matter for me.


Personally? I’d go with Tails or 25cent.. ya know.. currently being the size of a quarter I would go with a coin reference, or a coin references that also mimics a rapper… give the tortie some attitude from birth. In an unrelated direction I would go with GUS (since it was born on my dads birthday and his name is Gus.. OR Weeza, one of my oldest friends also born on Jan. 20th. I’m definitely gonna get voting  once I make a decision.. 

The Liberty Science Center in Jersey City needs help naming its new baby redfoot tortoise.

The center is holding a contest to name the baby Geochelone carbonaria, which was hatched Jan. 20 and is now on display in the back animal care area of their Eat and Be Eaten exhibit.

“Although we have had tortoises…since 1996, we have never successfully bred them,” they said on their Facebook page.

“Back in July 2011, a pair of our red-footed tortoises on exhibit laid a clutch of eggs. We removed them from the exhibit enclosure for incubation but out of the 4 eggs laid, only one was fertilized…Early on the morning of January 20, we were surprised to see a small opening in the egg,” the page said.

The redfoot tortoise is currently about the size of a nacho chip and will grow slowly until it reaches the average adult size of about 12 to 15 inches, measured along the top of its shell.

Every day, the baby gets a salad of dandelion, other greens and a little bit of fruit.

The tortoise’s gender is currently unknown. “As with many animals, it can be hard to tell whether an infant is male or female,” said Director of Animal Husbandry Rich Weddle, who added that the shape of its bottom shell, or plastron, will help them determine its gender when it’s older.

“We will not know its gender for at least 2 years, so people can be as creative as they like!” said spokeswoman Elizabeth Romanaux.

People can suggest names through the Liberty Science Center’s Facebook page. Some of the suggestions so far include “Speedy, “Tori” and even “Beef Wellington.”

The winner of the contest will get to hold the baby for a photo opportunity and receive a $25 gift certificate to the Liberty Science Center’s store Connections. No purchase is necessary and the winner need not be present. The contest will end at Feb. 21 at 5 p.m. and the winner will be announced Feb. 24.

What would you name the tortoise?