Lonesome George (SpanishSolitario Jorge) is a tortoise, the last known individual of the Pinta Island tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra abingdoni).

He has been labeled the rarest creature in the world.

My gawd, i luv tortoise. But this one T_T 

Please find successful sub species for it to mate, that ’ last known individual ’ got me O.O

Hang in there bud~

So lets learn about Musk Turtles! Its a turtle I know little about other than I think they’re beautiful. 


Common Musk Turtle

  • Has a rather large range; from southern Ontario in Canada and Maine to Florida and west to Texas and Wisconsin in the US
  • Commonly called the “stinkpot”
  • Named for the odor the turtles secrete when disturbed
  • Unlike most other musk turtles, common musk turtles are reported to not have a tolerance for brackish water

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Thanks for the info, fortheloveofreptiles! Zoya’s love is a musk turtle, mr. @jeffmusk.

I never knew I was so close to these awesome turtles when living in florida. Growing up there I really only saw gopher tortoises (which are amazing). I bet I was extra close to quite a few musk turtles while living in central florida, we had fresh water lakes all over the place (with few ocean outlets to taint the water). Also didn’t know about their built in defense system.

Anonymous asked: Your blog is WIN! thats not really a question… but I am sending it anyway.


Haha Thanks! I really appreciate it do you have any reptiles you would like me to post?

Turtles and tortoises are our heart and soul here. Love any and all posts about them. Do you have any info on Musk Turtles?

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Congrats on your accomplishment.. If you drew this you’re clearly talented! 

Since the tortoise represents patients and wisdom, keep in mind that while you learn some stuff? College sorta works to teach you that you don’t actually know anything. hah or at least thats what it did to me 🙂


Almost 12.5% done with college. I don’t feel educated yet. Must learn more.