inspired by the fantastic @rio_conure “Please Henry. I told you not to drink that large latte. Stop pacing. I spent all day making you this fine meal and you aren’t even going to sit and eat?”

-interspecies love, a domestic lifestyle just like yours.   

попугай ругается на черепаху.AVI (by tsmakarova)

J’adore les tortue!

So amazing to read about expectant tortoise owners so prepared!! 

Congrats to you, your daughter, all your family, and Barry of course! I promise they are so very worth it. Give him a few weeks and you’ll be in love. 


My daughter turns 7 at the end of the month (SEVEN, God I feel old) and she had one main request…

I’d love a tortoise Mum.

So we’re all pitching in and getting her a tortoise. 

We’ve decided to rehome a 4 year old male Horsfield tortoise from a sanctuary not far from where we live rather than get a teeny tiny baby one that you can’t do much with.

I’ve honestly never seen a group of adults so excited over something as simple as a tortoise.

Actually, simple is probably the wrong word to use, I’ve never known anything so complicated to get together.

  • No tanks, they now have ‘tortoise tables’ which we’re expecting to arrive tomorrow.
  • No substrate, apparently now a mix of top soil and play sand is recommended.
  • Cuttlefish bones to ‘soften’ their beaks
  • Heat lamps, heat mats and ‘hides’ are now what a tortoise needs, and you can’t just feed them a salad diet, oh no – it’s all ‘edible plants’, weeds with calcium powder and vitamins sprinkled over them.

Goodness me Barry* – you better be worth it 🙂 

*Barry is the name she has chosen for him – love it.