inspired by the fantastic @rio_conure “Please Henry. I told you not to drink that large latte. Stop pacing. I spent all day making you this fine meal and you aren’t even going to sit and eat?”

-interspecies love, a domestic lifestyle just like yours.   

попугай ругается на черепаху.AVI (by tsmakarova)

J’adore les tortue!

So amazing to read about expectant tortoise owners so prepared!! 

Congrats to you, your daughter, all your family, and Barry of course! I promise they are so very worth it. Give him a few weeks and you’ll be in love. 


My daughter turns 7 at the end of the month (SEVEN, God I feel old) and she had one main request…

I’d love a tortoise Mum.

So we’re all pitching in and getting her a tortoise. 

We’ve decided to rehome a 4 year old male Horsfield tortoise from a sanctuary not far from where we live rather than get a teeny tiny baby one that you can’t do much with.

I’ve honestly never seen a group of adults so excited over something as simple as a tortoise.

Actually, simple is probably the wrong word to use, I’ve never known anything so complicated to get together.

  • No tanks, they now have ‘tortoise tables’ which we’re expecting to arrive tomorrow.
  • No substrate, apparently now a mix of top soil and play sand is recommended.
  • Cuttlefish bones to ‘soften’ their beaks
  • Heat lamps, heat mats and ‘hides’ are now what a tortoise needs, and you can’t just feed them a salad diet, oh no – it’s all ‘edible plants’, weeds with calcium powder and vitamins sprinkled over them.

Goodness me Barry* – you better be worth it 🙂 

*Barry is the name she has chosen for him – love it.

Sorry Zoya but we share a studio apartment!

Been sitting here waiting for my meds to kick in so I can go to sleep. Zoya is asleep in her log (which she turned around several different ways before settling in for sleepy time) and she fell asleep half out of the log with one arm? Paw? Leg? over her eyes as if to signal to me “Mom. Can you PLEASE watch TV in the other room. I’m trying to sleep and the light is bugging me”. It is very cute. 


this hurt my heart. 


In memory of Petals.
She was my best friend and tied for my favorite tortoise. We went shopping together, and I took her on walks, and while I painted her nails she would sing to me. Her sister tortoise was Mocha, a year older and much stronger, but she was always there for Petals.
Petals was such a strong girl, through all the shots and X-Rays, but she was never 100% well. Even when we tried to separate the sisters with a wooden wall in their tank, Mocha dug under the wall and sat next to her sister until she got well.

When I came back from camp that summer my parents told me she was gone, and I cried for a whole day. I had never been so close to something that had just disappeared from my life.
I made her a beautiful shoebox with sparkly pink ribbon – her favorite – and put her lifeless shell inside. 
Petals was so frail, her happy green eyes were permanently shut, her shiny scales were dull and thin, and her head drooped down. That was the worst. Her head was the first thing that popped out and greeted me every morning of my childhood.
I sat with her at her burial spot in my backyard and planted flowers. Her sister Mocha helped.
With Petals gone, Mocha was sad for a while, but Petals’ spirit was still inside of her. She smiled everyday, and ate out of both bowls of food so that Petals’ leaves wouldn’t go to waste.
To this day Mocha has grown into a big, strong girl, wand with Petals watching over, I know she’ll find a great home with a lovely family when I go away to college next year.