We took Scooter the Eastern box turtle in looking all terrible and deformed after five years of poor care from someone that didn’t even know what kind of turtle they took from the wild. We gave her all the good food she required along with a proper habitat and as much outside sunshine as we could. She went from looking like an awful sickly deformed turtle to a healthy turtle despite her deformities and is still living well nearly ten years later.

Julie Maguire
Centereach, NY

The Turtle Rescue of Long Island is an INCREDIBLE rescue run by Julie Maguire in Long Island, NY. I have learned so much from her , her mailing list , and friends on the Russian Tortoise yahoo list. Every story I hear about the turtles and tortoises she cares for is inspirational. I’ll probably post more about TRLI but for now Here’s the story of Scooter, their biggest success story. 

PLEASE SUPPORT TRLI!!!! 3 steps, its no big deal, it can help so many turts and torts!  

1: click here

2:  type in Turtle Rescue of Long Island where it says “Shelter Name” , add NY under state and it’ll come up. 

3: click VOTE and you’re done!  you can vote EVERY DAY! DO IT!!!! 

The winner receives funding to help continue to support the animals they care for. Its rare a Turtle/Tortoise rescue gets a chance to win funding.  Every vote helps, Lets give the shelled ones a chance this time!! 


I don’t care what the reason is. Maybe, like me, you are just unlucky in love. Maybe you don’t have the time to date or you’re still hurting from a recent break up. If you cannot bear the constant reminders that you are single any longer, have no fear: this turtle will be your valentine.


(also is it weird that these pics made me a little teary eyed?)

Zoya gets mad…


if I hang out in the living room with the lighs on too long or if Im too loud. You think I’m kidding but she will go from being totally sleepy time at 6pm to showing herself and making a lot of noise until I shut off the lights or stop making noise.. then she’s completely silent. I’ve tested this by sitting in the room. She is not cool with mommy’s sleep schedule. 

My new pet




Found a really small turtle in our yard, he’s so cute! We call him Påsan 2. If u wonder who Påsan 1 was, it was a bird in our yard that ate a bag and probably died. Norwegian slang for the bag, is påsan

Påsan 2 is the same size as my fingernail 

Crawling on mom

Kiss a frog, kiss a turtle…

I would just like to add: OH. MY. GOD.

oh my gosh!!! he looks like he just hatched! what a cutie. :3



Yellow Blotched Map Turtle

  • Found in the Mississippi river systems, living primarily on sand bars
  • Sometimes referred to as the Yellow Blotched Sawback Turtle due to the saw like protrusions on its shell
  • The patterns on the turtles shell diminish in intensity as the turtle ages
  • Males of this species have a long thick tail and an elongated foreclaw
  • During courtship, the male yellow-blotched map turtle will extend its neck and move towards the female. The female will show interest by extending its neck towards the male in reply, after which the male will stretch its forelimbs and stroke the side of the female’s head with its claw

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