Tortoise Blog: Desert Tortoise population numbers are falling

Tortoise Blog: Desert Tortoise population numbers are falling


Beware of tortoises bearing gifts. Or come up with your own Trojan Horse joke if you think you can do better.

Meanwhile, if I had a dime for every video of a tortoise obliviously dragging some object it got stuck under…

I can’t help but imagine this as the wooden rabbit scene from monty python and the holy grail

Zoya made quite a splash as we traveled from Boston to Dallas/Ft Worth then to Santa Fe, NM today. Here she is getting a taste of the Dallas/Ft Worth Airport during our layover. She wasn’t too sure about the airport scene. Think she was hoping for a random cactus or two to munch on. 

Fun fact? This is the 4th state she’s visited in the US not to mention her travels in the UK. She gets around! 

Special shout out to all the American Airlines agents and my fellow passengers on the flight from Dallas to Santa Fe! Zoya felt like quite the star with all the attention she got. Hollywood is on the horizon, look out animatronic tortoises in those cable commercials 😉


which one should I get?!?!?! all are smaller species that wont be larger than 16 inches when they are adults. all have a life span of 50 years or more.

oh damn thats a tough one.. if I *had* to choose (well I’d probably snatch them all up if I could) That last one has a little mischievous face,  the kind that always wins me over.. oh and number four is so itty bitty I just want to put it in my pocket! 

In the Shadows.: Turtle.

In the Shadows.: Turtle.