Yellow Blotched Map Turtle

  • Found in the Mississippi river systems, living primarily on sand bars
  • Sometimes referred to as the Yellow Blotched Sawback Turtle due to the saw like protrusions on its shell
  • The patterns on the turtles shell diminish in intensity as the turtle ages
  • Males of this species have a long thick tail and an elongated foreclaw
  • During courtship, the male yellow-blotched map turtle will extend its neck and move towards the female. The female will show interest by extending its neck towards the male in reply, after which the male will stretch its forelimbs and stroke the side of the female’s head with its claw

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So I’m not sure why this never occurred to me. @wholegrainlofat suggested I google “Tortoise Yawning” since we both agree there is nothing better in the world. Yeah, so guess what I’ve been doing for the last 30 minutes. 

Here is my favorite so far! Meet Cheetah the baby sulcata and Valentino the Radiated tort. See them be absolutely adorable. If you watch closely you can see the second yawn in the background when Cheetah heads towards the camera. LOVE THEM!