Dr. horrible. She’s actually a little bigger than Trouble now.

It’s so nice to see my tortoises again 🙂
I had to leave them with a friend since I had to fly to Korea in such a short notice. Leaving Trouble worried me a lot since he was already freaking out during the car ride. Then my friend told me that he didn’t eat the first day and would spend his whole day hiding in a corner 🙁 poor baby. He just barely started getting used to me handling him (it’s been a year and he still doesn’t like people).

Dr. horrible on the other hand didn’t care that she was moved to my friend’s house. I’m sure she had fun exploring the new environment.

Oh, btw, my friend can’t tell my torts apart hahaha. She just figures one from the other by whether she can pat it or not 🙂

First I have to again say what fantastic names you have for your torts! and yay!

Reunited and it feels so good… (yes I hoped to get that song stuck in your head..)

Dr. Horrible is quite the beauty. The show offs always adjust better.. Zoya happily loves on her auntie (and pretends she’s starving to get treats when auntie is around) as though she never knew me. As long as she’s being doted on like the princess she is, she’s happy. hah. Though I like to believe that in the end she loves me the most. And in the end I get a snuggle here and there.

So glad trouble is doing ok though. Good looking family you’ve got there. enjoy the reunion! 

I want to be this lady when I grow up (or ya know.. get older. heh)

APPLE VALLEY • Mary Dutro is the High Desert’s go-to person for information about tortoises and turtles.

The 78-year-old Apple Valley resident has a career in nursing that has spanned more than 50 years. She’s the secretary of the High Desert Chapter 0534 Association of Operating Room Nurses and she’s on the board of a local historical society. She also goes to the gym three times per week and still works on call for a local doctor.

But her passion is the desert tortoise, and Dutrow relates that she has had tortoises “on and off since 1960.”




mini turtle :]

I’m waiting on my first baby turtle of the season. Haven’t seen any yet. I am jealous of everyone who’s been posting pictures of their new friends to Tumblr.

AH! holy tiny. I am also jealous.. Zoya laid an egg once… thats a sad story for another day.