We heard that Kevin Smith likes tortoises, dachshunds and weed so we invited him over. Turns out that dandies aren’t the type of weed he’s interested in.

@ThatKevinSmith likes tortoises?! Uh, excuse me sir do you have a moment to learn about an important movement we call the #Turtpocalypse 


03.15.17 – 8%

I know this picture isn’t representing what I’ve accomplished today (studied and summarized 10 more physics pages.. I know I could do more but I’m still not feeling so great).. but it’s surely the best one I took today!

Jodie kept me company for quite some time today.. she stayed under the sunlight, relaxing for a while ‘til she wanted to get back to her tank.

She’s such a sweetheart, it might sound weird but her presence today really improved my mood and helped me get my work done. I love her so much 💚

Nothing weird about that at all! At least not here 😀 Keep being sweet, Jodie!

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@ca_roline_ and I adopted Miko a few months ago after he spent years being a neglected class pet. When we got him his shell was chipped and in rough shape; his beak was so long it likely had never been trimmed; he was very lethargic and would not eat. 😕
And now he’s eating! He’s very active. His shell looks a little better every week. I am so proud of us for helping this guy be a healthy, happy buddy. 💛🐢💛
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Friends! We love turtles and torts but please, when you see an animal in the wild take care when taking pictures of them! Do not approach them unnecessarily simply to take a selfie! 

As cute as this may seem, that shell doesn’t open its mouth like that to smile. It’s not happy to pose for you! It’s likely distressed. It’s not on the beach to hang out with you either! It could be nesting (an arduous process that takes an incredible amount of energy and effort from the animal and should be left alone) or it could be ill (which requires professional assistance and maybe you could call someone instead of taking all the pictures).  

I do not know the context of this photo so there may be extenuating circumstances that make this somehow ok, but that’s not provided here and after we had a sea turtle trampled by tourists taking photos with it this summer, I can’t stand to see so many of these images showing up. This is an ENDANGERED ANIMAL! The loss of a single animal to a situation like this will impact the population long term! it’s no joke. 

So please, when on vacation, at the beach, whatever…  Take a selfie from afar. take a picture with Zoom. Make sure the animal is safe and well and reconsider doing things like this.