Mom, are you sure my super-tort cape didn't shrink?!Can you believe this used to be too big for me?!What?!  Even Lunchbox's big cape is too small for me now?!I'm a giant!Does this mean I can bulldoze my way through everything now?I am definitely super tort when you think about how much I've grown!Strutting my leggies!Off to find noms!


Three and a half years ago, @tort-time made me my very own monogrammed cape.  My cape was a little big for me, so with all the growing I have been doing, Mom thought it was high time for me to try on my cape again.

Turns out Mom underestimated how much I’ve grown—big time:  My cape is WAY too small for me now!  In fact, even Lunchbox’s big cape is too small for me now!

Oh my goodness, we are teary eyed seeing these pictures! We remember trying to crochet the tiniest cape for you, Kirby! You were not much bigger than a Christmas light! We tried to guess measurements but couldn’t conceive of tiny Kirby! Now you are big and strong! Lunch box would be so proud to see you bursting out of his cape!! Grow Kirby, grow! 

Soon you will be bigger than Zoya 😍

back in 2014 :