FYI, this seed blend on Amazon takes about a month to arrive and is a lot less seeds than I expected for $7. My wife who gardens a lot didn’t think it was anywhere close to 1,200 seeds. Next time I’m going to order from Carolina Pet Supply; a half pound mix from them including shipping is only $12.95. That is a lot more seeds for your buck!

Yes! Carolina Pet Supply is the BEST. I can not recommend them enough! Their TNT supplement is fantastic, they put together the best tortie specific grazing mix of seeds, even specifying different batch for Russian torts that are particularly finicky. Very affordable, fast, and if you message them they can do half sizes of orders if you need them. Occasionally they even have spine free cactus pads! 


05/21/18 – Isla Floreana, Galapagos, Ecuador – This morning we took a three hour boat ride to Floreana, an island with only 150 inhabitants. On the way, we ran into a large school of dolphins which swarmed us from all directions for what seemed like ten minutes. They seemed to enjoy showing off their amazing speed and athleticism. It’s a sight I will never forget. In the afternoon, we visited Floreana’s original pirate hideout and farm high up in the hills. That’s where we found this land tortoise happily munching away and later, a bunch of his friends.


She pushed the hide to the edge of her pen and is trying to climb out on it. It’s just about time to upgrade her again…

When I say you shouldn’t doubt their determination, this is what I mean. They are not only committed to a goal but they’ve got good object memory and will slowly move things around to assist them. You think that hide has moved a few inches every day.. you’re probably right. Your shell baby is plotting.