Turtle Conservancy:

Our team down in Mexico got up close
and personal with perhaps the most unique of the box turtles, the
Coahulian box turtle
(Terrapene coahuila).

This endangered species is
also called the aquatic box turtle, because unlike all other members of
the genus Terrapene, they spend 90% of their life in the water!

Wow! What an incredible photo and as always, great work by @turtleconservancy


Teeny the #tortoise making the most of 112°
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Vaughn-media.com (at Phoenix, Arizona)

Teeny the tortoise. When it’s that hot, everyone enjoys a good stomp through the sprinklers! 


PacoSpam: he’s a food hoarder who hates sharing and being watched. Look at the clover he picked up piling though his plate? Logic says to lay on your food as you eat it Apparently.
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Oh, Paco. It looks like you’ve enjoyed the weekend. That clover makes a fine accessory. Brings out your eyes 😀

Mom, do you think this card is good enough for Torty?The dinosaurs brought Torty a present!I declare this card fit for Torty!Puns are the best kind of birthday message!Happy hatchday, Torty!!!


Today is a very special day:  Our favorite dinosaur-in-training turns three years old!  HAPPY HATCHDAY, TORTY!  May you have wormies and skritches aplenty today and all days!   🎉 🐢 🎊

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORTIE!! I hope ALL the worms come to your party! hee On your special day you’re allowed to nom the guests. 😀