Felix felt like sleeping inside last night. He saw the back door open while I was letting the dogs back in and came trundling over to try to climb the small step up through the doorway. He probably could have made it if he tried really hard, but he stopped after a couple of attempts and then stared at me until I scooped him up and deposited him inside.

He wandered for a bit, then found a carpeted corner in the living room and went to sleep. I had to wake him this morning to bring him back outside. He’s gotten so big. He’s weighing in at 10.5 pounds at the moment. He doesn’t look so big in this photo, but he’s gotten to a point where he’s outgrowing Kloe’s gigantic head.

Torts know what they want and they don’t care if it confuses you. Actually? They like it more if it does.


is it possible for a turtle to be afraid of eating in front of people? mine will stop eating or drinking whenever someone walks by and will look at that person till they are out of sight!



Yes, that’s very normal. Eating is a vulnerable time for turtles, with their head down and occupied with the food they can’t be as watchful for predators. It’s very natural for them to keep an eye on any possible “threats” and not eat until they are gone.

Is your turtle in an aquarium? Land turtles and tortoises don’t do well in enclosures with clear sides because 1) they don’t understand how glass works and will incessantly try to walk through clear sides and 2) they will feel very exposed on all sides and can be stressed. Moving your turtie to a bin or turtle table may help him/her be less nervous about eating and be overall less stressed.

Hope that helps!

My turtle does this all the time. I couldn’t be in the room while he ate for WEEKS after I bought him. You can try to put food under something covered, like a plant, or feed them when they’re sticking their lil turtle head out of a hide.

Threatened Desert Tortoises set free south of Boulder City, NV

Threatened Desert Tortoises set free south of Boulder City, NV


The desert tortoise with the red marker on its shell spent its first
few minutes of freedom sitting motionless in the shade of a creosote
bush about five miles south of Boulder City.

Then it stuck its neck out and began to explore its new home, pausing
occasionally to snack on rattlesnake weed and other local cuisine.

The tortoise was one of a dozen released Friday morning into the
Boulder City Conservation Easement, a 86,423-acre swath of public land
set aside in 1995 to conserve habitat for the federally protected

Another 26 tortoises were set free in the same general area on
Thursday, 16 of them with tracking devices glued to their shells. It was
the first organized release by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and
its partners in Southern Nevada in two years…

This year, in honor of the upcoming @psych_usa movie, Zoya decided to dress up as a Pineapple! She is a HUGE fan of delicious flavor (remember? and this too)

Trick or treating this year was, by far, the most successful! I told her it’s because of climate change but she claims it’s because she gets cuter every year. Either way, she patrolled the neighborhood and came back with quite a stash. DANDELIONS AND RADDICHIO! She even shared a bite of radicchio with her new pineapple friend (don’t tell her that pineapple is just a pillow. they seem to have bonded.)

feel free to click on my pictures for a larger view, and proof that I get cuter every year.