Meet Josephine, aka Josie. She is a gorgeous Russian tort just like me and guess what?! She’s my neighbor!

You might not remember, but we shared a picture of her last year. Her 3 sister shells were celebrating their 13th birthday and planning an all lady shell reboot of TMNT! (We’re still on board with this plan.)


We didn’t realize then that Scampy, Decoy, and Bandita were celebrating just a few streets over from my kingdom!! Humom discovered this while out playing Pokemon (I send here there while I nap so she doesn’t accidentally interrupt my beauty sleep). While she was there she ran into a neighbor who knew all about me! It was Josie, Scampy, Decoy, and Bandita’s dad!!

We are so excited to meet shell neighbor friends and now we understand why the Turtpocalypse always felt so strong around here. Clearly, we’ll have to start working on this movie project soon. I’m also thinking we need to start a neighborhood dandelion watch. We can make sure all shells gets notified of any wandering noms in our area!

Yep, this is truly the start of a shell-tactic friendship! Couch-shredder seems pretty cute too. Ezio is welcome to join us shells under the giant heat lamp in the sky (just stay away from our noms!)

Spider on Frog on Turtle


“This is how it ought to be, despite what your gender studies professor says.”

Spider on Frog on Turtle by Darren
Via Flickr:

After three days of storms and rain, we found these three floating in a pool filter, clinging to each other to survive. All of them were exhausted from the effort and were reluctant to part ways after being rescued.


Meet the “tortoise granny”! 


An elderly woman enjoys taking her 50 kg pet tortoise out for leisurely strolls every day around Changchun, capital of northeast China’s Jilin Province. While dogs or cats are the favorite pets for most people, one Changchun grandmother has opted for something a bit more her speed. 

A decade ago, Hao Yulin traveled to Yunnan. There she bought a tiny tortoise that could fit in the palm of her hand, paying 900 yuan for it. She named the little guy “Su Su.” Over the past 10 years, little Su Su has done some growing and now weighs more than 50 kg. 

Hao, now 83 years old, still takes patient care of her pet, taking it out for a walk in the sunshine every day. For obvious reasons, Hao’s neighbors have deemed her “tortoise granny.”  (Photo: