Galapagos tortoise can’t get its mouth around tasty pumpkin

Galapagos tortoise can’t get its mouth around tasty pumpkin

Totally the worst! But never fear, torts are nothing but determined when it comes to noms. 

These Galapagos tortoises were part of the San Diego Zoo’s 100th-anniversary celebration.  One special pumpkin with 100 carved into it went to Grandma, the oldest of the Zoo’s Galapagos tortoises. At 135 years old, we think she earned that special pumpkin. 


Zoya has learned to open doors by herself… or get someone else to do it if she can’t. The escape tactics division of the #Turtpocalypse will be very pleased. 

Its #TBT! today Zoya reminded me that she knows about doors. She can open them herself or, if that doesn’t work, she’ll train a human to do it for her. She proved it 2 years ago and she proved it today. 

To all our Shells and humans in the path of Hurricane Mathew…

Please stay safe!

We’re sending good thoughts to all. And let’s also think good thoughts for the threatened Gopher Tortoises whose habitats are in the direct line of the storm. 


Desert Tortoise

When a desert tortoise is handled or bothered, it may empty its bladder as a defense behavior, and the sudden loss of water may imperil its life.

yes! this is why it’s important not to disturb tortoises in the wild unless it’s for their safety. That bladder holds their water reserves, they need to rehydrate once it’s emptied. In nature, no one is giving them an extra soak to make up for it.




I want to recommend this book to everyone who is interested in tortoises. It is an extremely educating book, which is still very easy and nice to read in. It’s brilliant!

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I’ll have to check it out! 🙂

I have this book and it’s fantastic! I definitely recommend it. I’d also recommend one other book. This is my go to:


So this is Zuri. She’s a four year old sulcata tortoise that my sister adopted from a rescue. Her previous owners fed her an improper diet and kept her in a terrarium that was so small that she could not turn around. She’s been in rehab for the last couple of months because she doesn’t use her back legs properly. She’s doing much better than she was, but we still have to correct her when she walks and parts of her shell are still soft from her nutritional problems. My sister is extremely patient with her and she’s a really sweet tortoise. I wish that people wouldn’t neglect animals like this though. Because of the things that happened early in her life she’ll never be a completely normal tortoise and will possibly need special care for the rest of her life to address some internal problems.

This is what improper care can do to a tortoise. Please take a look,. Zuri will need special care for the rest of her life. She’s lucky to have found humans committed to caring for her. Too many aren’t that lucky.