Mommy, there's a mountain inside my hidey hut!!It was an earthquake, I swear!Aren't you glad these flimsy cardboard walls didn't fall down on me in the earthquake?Me?  Totally wasn't me!Um, Mommy?  I think I'm stuck...Can you help me get down from on top of my mountain?


Mommy, there was an earthquake last night, and now there’s a mountain inside my hidey hut!!

April Fool’s! Mommy could hardly believe her eyes when she came to say good morning. I am getting stronger much faster than she expected: All hail Kirby the Mover of Mountains!

One minor problem: Can you help me get out? I’m kind of stuck…

wow kirby that is an impressive mountain!!

Someone was a bad tort during outside time today. We have to do a bit of pet shaming now. Sorry Zoya, you know the rules. 

 Let this be a PSA to all, spring is here and, had we been someplace where I didn’t know what was growing this could have been a humom panic moment. Be careful! Our shells are sneaky and we don’t want them to eat anything they shouldn’t.

oh and please note, we picked FIVE DANDIES! FIVE! and she still got to eat them when we went inside.