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This is BP (Border Patrol). She found a nice leaf today during her outside time. Very exciting stuff! #lovemyjob #workbabies #zoolife #sulcata #tortoise

I bring you treat, human. Now, your turn.

(we have been watching this clip non-stop. You are such a sweetie, BP! We hope that human brought you a treat in return)



Even if they appear to be similar, every tortoise is unique. Each of them has its own personality.

yeah! One of them is a camera hog! heeeeeeee <3


Sully. Admitted 6/27/2016. Weight: 59 lbs.

10/20/2016 Weight: 68 lbs!

Juvenile Loggerhead found swimming behind a rock ledge on Sullivan’s Island. Diagnosed with Debilitated Turtle Syndrome. Had poor bloodwork, was severely emaciated, and had been entangled in fishing line.

Treatments: Antibiotics, vitamins, clean tank water, nutritious food, and time.

(Sully was sleeping; the turtles like to put their heads in enclosed spaces for protection, that tube is there for that and is part of their enrichment!)

Aww sleep well Sully,  we hope you’re getting better and will get back to your home in the ocean asap. 


Turtle Conservancy:

of our proudest achievements…hatching the poorly understood Padloper
(Homopus areolatus) at our conservation center.

These animals were once imported by
the hundreds but almost all died as these animals are some of the most
fragile in the world and do not make good captives. They are native to
very specific Fynbos and Karoo habitat in South Africa.

(a baby is pictured)

Fragile species with a fierce soul. Congratulations @turtletweets !! You do great work.


Everyone seemed to love Henry, so I thought I’d give him a photoset. 🐢

Of course everyone loves Henry! Look at that long neck, that head first into the water bowl move, the EPIC jaw and ready for action stance… Henry is a fine tort, you should be proud. 

I bet he can cause all kinds of trouble when he wants to hehe