Liars! Video proves tortoises have been fooling us all along

THEY’RE ON TO US! has posted this video along with the following report:

Tortoises have been fooling us all along.They’re actually much quicker than they pretend to be.If you don’t believe us take a look at this video that was filmed during feeding time. As soon as their keeper signals it’s time to eat they all rush towards him. We now know how the tortoise really beat the hare.It had nothing to do with the hare taking a nap, the reptile probably outran it.


The Oaxaca Mud Turtle (Kinosternon oaxacae)

… is a species of mud turtle (family Kinosternidae), endemic to Mexico. Both the common name and the scientific name derive from Oaxaca, a Mexican state. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has rated this species as “data deficient” as there is insufficient information available to judge its conservation status.

The male Oaxaca mud turtle can grow to a carapace length of about 160 mm (6 in) with females a little smaller.

The diet probably consists mostly of plant material, but small animals such as tadpoles, shrimps, beetles and fish are also eaten. These turtles are most active in the rainy season which lasts from June to October…

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photograph by
Vicente Mata-Silva

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