Red Cliffs NCA by Bob WickDesert tortoise hatchling, courtesy of BLMMojave Desert Tortoise (California), photo by Dana Wilson, BLM.Mojave Desert Tortoise (California), photo by Dana Wilson, BLM.Red Cliffs NCA by Bob Wick


Wildlife biologist’s work with desert tortoise- an exciting adventure!
By Rachel Tueller Carnahan 

Wildlife Biologist Ann McLuckie’s interest in wildlife biology started at an early age. “I was always interested in animals,” she said.  As an elementary student she was president of the Ranger Rick Club where she recruited the support of friends and classmates.  McLuckie later graduated with a biology degree and worked in several wildlife positions before volunteering to work with tortoises in St. George Utah. “I did other jobs with other species but I always came back to tortoises,” she said. “I loved it.”

After 20 years of service as a wildlife biologist with the Division of Wildlife Resources, her favorite assignment continues to be working in the field helping tortoises. 

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