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Who said tortoises are slow?.. These guys are so damn fast.. Maybe de bunny spread this rumour.. #tortoise

Well you’ve got yourself a turtle but still, I think you’re right! This must have been a sort of retribution rumor started by a bunny after losing the race!! #CONSPIRACY!

Spike the tortoise returns home to Wayside Christian Mission

Spike the tortoise returns home to Wayside Christian Mission

because we could all use some good news this week.

You may remember this post about Spike the tortoise who was accidentally hit by a car a month or so ago. 

Since it happened there has been an outpouring of support for Spike and his owner, from both the local community and nationwide. His GoFundMe page has raised 11k to help pay for the life-saving treatment he has needed and, in even better news, Spike is out of critical care and Shively Animal Hospital brought him home yesterday!

“He cannot walk, but is eating well,”  his owner Moseley said in a written statement. “He will need time for his fractured pelvis to heal, but hopefully, will eventually return to normal.”

He has a long recovery ahead of him, but his owner is happy to have him home and noted that not only is he eating well but his personality is back. We’re guessing that means tricking his humans into extra treats? Though I’d also guess all his humans are happy to treat him like the king he is. Things are looking brighter for Spike and that’s great news!

Go Spike Go!