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It’s back to school time! For shells of a certain age, that means it’s off to college and time to learn how to be a good roommate.  Thankfully, @Thewhimsyturtle has alerted us to some educational videos to help them get through this sometimes confusing, and often frustrating, time. Grab your shell and have a seat, It’s time for “Tiny Animals: How To Roommate!”

Zoya is willing to swear on a dandelion that you won’t regret watching this.

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The tortoises can’t be left unattended when they are out for grazing and exercise. Right now I’m on tortoise watch duty. This is Jack Jack. He likes long walks in green patures and enjoys dining on dog poop. He’s single, ladies!!

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Found him a nice creek!!! I’ll miss him but he belongs in the wild, he was already air-swimming the moment he saw the water. He was SO much more active and responsive than when we found him, I think he’s gonna do really well. Thanks so much for all your help!!

More pictures from @aquestionabletaryn releasing the baby snapping turtle that was found near their house. Snappers are some of the cutest baby turtles.

You did the right thing! He’ll carry your kindness with him when the #turtpocalypse comes. You’ll have a good word put in for you! <3


This weekend Pistachio’s house got an upgrade! Her old one was falling apart, so I ordered what was technically a small rabbit hutch but had good reviews on Amazon from other tortoise enthusiasts who had ignored its original purpose as well. I’m complete shit at assembling things, but I decided to give it a try.

Stash did her best to help out.

We did it!

Pistachio approved.


@his-ladyship-thefangirl replied to your photo: “wheremyscalesslither: INCOMING!!! RAWWWWWWR”:

what kind of tortoise is this

That’s a desert tortoise, like Mojave max 🙂 Native to the Mojave and Sonoran deserts in the south-west of the US. They are a threatened species, unfortunately. Recently, because of the closure of the largest facility housing injured/rehabbed tortoises, homes were sought for the displaced animals that lived there. They were adoptable only to residents of the area (you can’t take threatened species across state lines). They have to be kept sepereate from wild populations so they don’t bring in any diseases, take resources, fromt he natural population thats already deminishing. Also? They are beautiful tortoises hee