Hi Zoya! I’m welcoming a 15 month old Russian tort (he’s going to be named Thor) into my life next weekend and wondered if you could tell me roughly how much you ate at that age? I’ve got all my home grown weeds and healthy flowers at the ready, but am struggling to find even a rough estimate of how much to feed them and how often. Thanks in advance!

Hi there! That’s a good question. If you’re feeding daily, a small fist full (including fiber in the form of hay of some sort) is a good amount. Some torts will never stop eating and others will eat more or less depedning on the weather and time of year. In general you have to make sure you don’t over feed or under feed. Keep an eye on growth and weight. A vet can help you get a better idea if your tort is an appropriate weight.. you don’t want puffing out of their shell.

 You also want to make sure they’re eating lots of healthy stuff.  Certain torts *ahem zoya ahem* have been known to dig through their food and pick out their favorites and only eat those. sometimes you’ve gotta be a tough human and take those away for a while. 

I know this isn’t an totally easy answer but, unfortunately, you’ll notice that most things with torts are not. (other than the basics UVB, Temps 95 basking -70  gradient, no glass, and varried diet). I hope it helps and thanks for following!! 

Anyone with more info want to chime in, please do! Learning from each other FTW! 😀 


this is my favorite blog thank you for existing

Whaaaaat??? Thank YOU for reading! And Loving Turtles and Torts! It makes Zoya and me ridiculously happy to know we are making people smile, spreading the love of shells, and ya know… uniting all us shell loving human minions of the #turtpocalypse. 

Thank you for following!! 

Mommy, there's a mountain inside my hidey hut!!It was an earthquake, I swear!Aren't you glad these flimsy cardboard walls didn't fall down on me in the earthquake?Me?  Totally wasn't me!Um, Mommy?  I think I'm stuck...Can you help me get down from on top of my mountain?


Mommy, there was an earthquake last night, and now there’s a mountain inside my hidey hut!!

April Fool’s! Mommy could hardly believe her eyes when she came to say good morning. I am getting stronger much faster than she expected: All hail Kirby the Mover of Mountains!

One minor problem: Can you help me get out? I’m kind of stuck…

wow kirby that is an impressive mountain!!