Lots of balloons just for Zoya!Who's awesome?  Zoya is!Very important:  Making the birthday tortie's wishes come true!Lots of nom-like colors--check!I, Inspector Kirby declare this card fit for mailing to Zoya!Gotta make sure the card says Happy Birthday!Yeah, it's that simple!Wishing that Zoya gets lots of birthday noms!Time to close up the card and add our special gift!<img src="http://www.tort-time.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/tumblr_odqb2qh79c1sodvexo8_r1_1280.jpg" alt="A star for Zoya the tortie star!


Today is the day!  The day we celebrate Zoya Pants the Great:  amazing tortie star, destroyer of dandies, and secret lounge singer!  Happy happy birthday, Zoya!!!  🎈 🐢 🎈

Thank you for the AMAZING card, Kirby & Whimsy!! And for the stars! I decided to wear my star on top of my shell instead of a birthday hat! It was much way cooler 😀 

It’s a special day, here at TortTime! Today is Zoya Pants’s birthday!! Well adoption day, really, but since we don’t know her official hatch date we celebrate today! There will be noms and presents and noms and more noms (cause who cares about presents that aren’t noms!)

Happy Birthday, Zoya pants! Your humom loves you very much (I know, not in front of your friends. It embarrasses you)


I don’t know how he wedged himself into this small space. I couldn’t stay to see how he got out of it since I had to go to work-but I’m surely curious. #tortoise #tortoises #tortoiseshell #pets #reptile #turtle #turtles #animal #pet #tortie #instagood #ねこ #webstagram

if we dream it, we can do it! (by shoving, real hard, over and over again)