Meet Mortimer the Tortoise (or, Morty the Torty)! 

This little cutie is the absolute sweetest creature I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He lives in my house and gives me the pleasure of feeding him everyday, which I quite enjoy 🍓

He eats copious amounts of kale each day, and enjoys the occasional strawberry or two. 

This little guy just makes me smile, so I hope he brightens your day too 😊

(And yes – he is named after Morty Smith from Rick and Morty!)

Morty! you brighten everything around you, even with your eyes closed. <3  


80-year old Galapagos Tortoise, Nigrita (named after a type of finch), is now the proud mom of nine hatchlings at the Zurich Zoo. For her species, laying eggs at 80 is no big deal. She weighs 200 lbs and is in the prime of her life. The proud father, Jumbo, is 36 years younger but about twice her size. 

These gorgeous giants, with the help of the Zoo staff and the Swiss Association of Friends of the Galapagos Islands, are the proud parents of 9 shells, tiny in size but giant in impact. These little ones, along with those young hatchlings recently discovered on the islands themselves, will carry on the legacy of the wisest creatures on our planet.

Just think what they will have witnessed when they’re their mother’s size? 

A warm welcome to this gorgeous shell family!