The best day of the year! Have you done something to help turtles and tortoises today? Get moving (but leave the dandelion)! 

As we do every year, today we’ll look at ways we can help support turtles and tortoises worldwide! Feel free to send us how you’ve helped turtles and tortoises today or any other day!  

Attention Turtle and Tortoise Friends!

It is now officially #WORLDTURTLEDAY! 

On June 3rd TMNT2 the movie comes out and, as exciting as it is we all are, we know there will be a negative impact on turtles and torts once the hype ends. 

So when we heard Stephen Amell was part of the cast, we were excited that a caring person that engages with fans  was participating, hoping might be willing to spread the message that turtles are a commitment. 

So, with the help of our incredible friend @writergirlwrites , we’ve posted a video on Stephen’s page asking him to share this info with fans. 

We need help getting likes so it gets noticed among the many fans posted pictures and videos throughout out the day.  So if you could take a moment and like the video, share it, and of course spread the information, Zoya and I would be forever grateful!  Keep it positive 😀

Heres the link!  <— Like the video here! 


Hi guys! Sorry it’s been so long since I updated!

Mum moved house in May last year and I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa until I moved in in January!

Mum and her Boyfriend spent a couple of months building a new house for me and @leelatortoise. We have computer controlled, and timed lights, heating, temperature probes and cameras! We’ll have a website soon where you can view it all!

WOW! Nice digs Percy!