It’s turtle birthday weekend!  Our 3 red-eared sliders Scampy, Decoy, and Bandita just turned 13 so we decided it’s time to for them to formally begin their ninja training.  They’re going to star in an all-female reboot of TMNT, featuring Josie the Russian Tortoise as their leader (she’s a couple years older), and our cat Ezio as their wise sensei/trainer (although I think he’d also make a good villain – the Couch Shredder).

Whoa. First of all, you three have AWESOME names (nice job human!) and HAPPY HATCHDAY!  I wouldn’t have guessed any of you ladies were a day over 10! 

we are SO on board for this all lady shell TMNT reboot! And good call to give the lead to the older wiser Russian tortoise …. ( she side eyed me into including that last part) 

They don’t look like they need much training, but even the wisest shell can admit that sometimes a shell needs a kind fur beast to teach them how to connect with their inner ninja! This is gonna be a blockbuster for sure! ( Zoya says you should write in a 5th so she can be in the movie too.. )