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A story broke sunday about a 75lbs Sulcata tortoise found on the side of the road yesterday  “Fleeing as fast as he could” from the intense sand fire that has gripped the Los Angeles area. The tortoise, who we now know is named Pebbles, was picked up by the LA department of Animal Care and brought to safety at the Caustic Animal Care Center.

Turns out his family got the order to evacuate that afternoon. Only his father was home at the time and he was unable to get stubborn Pebbles into the car. He was forced to leave him behind.

As soon as the family got to a safe location they contacted the sheriff’s department and deputies were sent to rescue pebbles. They located the tortoise on the side of the road and brought him to safety. It was pebbles and he was already trying to rescue himself.

The family is incredibly happy and relieved that pebbles is safe and back home with them.

His owner Wendy Collins says he’s doing well. 

He “is terrorizing my mom’s backyard. He’s used to about a quarter acre, and if you see this yard, it’s not much. He has totally wiped out all her vegetation,“ Collins said. "But you know what, he’s comfortable, he’s safe, he’s with us, and I think he’s good.”

According to the article, Pebbles is one of hundreds of animals being rescued from the area. These numbers have since grown.

In addition to the tortoise, county animal control officials said on Monday that staffers and volunteers are caring for 345 horses, 165 goats, 111 chickens, 33 pigs and many other animals, including llama, mules, sheep, rabbits, ducks, turkeys, donkeys and even a Brahma bull at various shelter locations.

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