Umm, so yeah… This guy was cruisin along the gutter on our street. #Turtle or #Tortoise? Its clean and healthy which makes me think it belongs to someone. Gonna post a sign at my community gate entrance, see if I get a response. It must have been out there a while and who knows where it came from. Was sure hungry, but hasn’t drunk much… #Found (at Indian Palms Country Club & Resort)

that’s a tortoise!
Hmm well there’s a bit of shell trouble but looks like it might be old and ‘healed’. I’m not too familiar with your area but definitely put up signs. I’d also  ask around about native tortoises. I see you’re in the California area nd tortoise do live around the state… Regardless you don’t want to keep your new friend away from lighting and heat for too long 

p.s. tortoise don’t drink like cats or dogs. They absorb their water through soaks.

thoughts anyone?