Hello! My friend Zoya is a pro at Russian torts because she is one! @tort-time, will you answer in the comments some recommendations for our newest tort human?

Hi! It’s true I’m a Russian tort (though my human is doing the typing so we’re part ). We will gladly try and help you here!

So! Pellets tend to make some torts stopped up (it’s important we poo freely .. sometimes we poo in protest.. that comes later). We are a picky species and like a good variety of greens. 

I am a big fan of Radicchio (It’s my favorite!!!) Also Chicory, Dandelion Greens (they sell those in the store they aren’t like outside dandies but are nutritious too) and Kale on occasion. If you have an area that you know is free from pesticides, DANDELIONS ARE GOLD! Those yellow flowers and leaves silly humans consider weeds are the yummiest tort food in the world. 

A wide variety of greens is best. After your new shell gets comfortable, start mixing up the greens every few days. It helps to make sure all the vitamins and nutrients are covered. 

There’s a great list of greens found in the store and some you can grow in the garden here: http://russiantortoise.net/russiantortoisediet.htm

I’m not sure where the tortoise came from but, and this is super important, I would take it to a vet soon and have them run a fecal exam to check for worms. This is common in newly acquired tortoises and a symptom is little or no appetite and loose poop (it should form a nice sculpture when its healthy poo).  If wormies are present the vet can administer some deworming panacea and it should fix things. You may have to go get a second dose in a few weeks or months and have them check to make sure the poo is worm free. This is so important, especially if appetite doesn’t pick up soon. I had wormies when I was little, but I’m all good now. 

Other stuff? 

Well you said you’ve got the basics so I’m sure you know but make sure there’s a good amount of UVB light, the substrate is slightly moist, with a temperature gradient of 95 under the basking lamp and around 70 on the sides. Also, make sure he or she gets a nice warm soak for 20 minutes once a week for hydration. They drink through their bums! heee  

A hide is always important. They like to dig and hide in a log or something like that.

I highly recommend this care sheet. http://russiantortoise.net/care_sheet.htm

I hope this is helpful! Human made the important parts bold since I tend to talk A LOT when answering questions.  Feel free to send me any questions you might have about this or anything else! Also feel free to share any pictures you might have with us!

~Tort-time (Zoya & Humom) 


Happy Birthday (hatchday) Darwin!!! My grumpy baby turned 2 today! Look how big he is! He barely fits in my hand, he was so tiny! that’s okay though, I still love my grouchy idiot.(I took out the little “candles” in his fruit cake before he started eating it, so no worries)

Happy Hatchday Darwin!!!

Something a little unexpected…


Guys, I think my parents are catching the tortoise love bug. Last week they had an idea for a simple tortoise enclosure outside for Miss Willow.

NOW they want a more permanent enclosure. Brick walls so she can’t see out, a pond, ideas for shelter to put over her burrow, and plants to put in the enclosure. 😁😁 They already have the spot for her enclosure picked out. 



Torts are slow? Then how did they beat humans to the Moon?

Two Russian Tortoises were the first Terran vertebrates to orbit the Moon and come back to tell the tale. Err… they mostly meant to tell their human servants that they were hungry after a long trip.

#TBT to when Tortoises beat humans in the space race! 


a ‘maternity shot’ if you will haha. she had JUST laid her eggs and was walking away like a pro nbd. it was kinda cute how she stomped the ground when burying her eggs. nature is cool 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 #turtles #nature #turtle #mommaturtle #ncphotography #photography #photograph #photographs #charlotte #naturephotography