pls meet my new best friend

Yep! That’s a beautiful gopher. Threatened species. You got a beautiful show from that stomper. Look at its elephant back legs! Did you know that 350+ other creatures exist because of gopher tortoises burrows? Yep, that’s why it’s called a keystone species. It is one helpful and important tort. It knows sharing is caring.

2021 is finally here!Shellebratory boops for 2021!Okay now where are the shellebratory 2021 noms?2020 was terrible but now it's 2021!2021, will you be yummier than 2020?Pink is a yummy color!Uh oh I'm already tangled up in 2021!Brunhilda, 2021 is DELICIOUS!Happy New Year, friends!Here's to a healthy and yummy 2021!


Good riddance to 2020, and shello to 2021!  🎉🎩🐢🥳🦕✨🎊

🎥  Watch me knock out 2020 and GRUMP in 2021 in our new video!  💪😤🎩😤

🌟  Plus, bonus video outtakes:


2021 is filled with yumminess already!


Excuse me, why are you laughing at me already?!


Hurrah for a brand new year!  🥳

Happy New year, Kirby!   A new years worth of noms to nom! LETS DO IT! 


Mom is super stressed, so I grew a dirt horn to help fight off her worries!

(Don’t worry, Mom is fine, she just has a lot on her plate.)

Good work, Kirby!! Please be sure to give your humom a snuggle from me and my humom. Its ok if you get a little dirt horn on her. It will be a keepsake for later when you’re napping.