Wildlife Center Of Virginia

Today’s Featured Organization is The Wildlife Center of Virginia!
Most recently in the news for taking in and caring for the eastern box turtle that was painted pink. They have worked hard to educate children and adults about appropriate actions when encountering a turtle or tortoise in the wild. Having seen too many turtles, injured, abused, painted, etc, they created Wilson’s Turtle Promise! A pledge to do whats best for wild turtles, Leave them alone or help them in the direction they are going.
They are an award winning Wildlife Rescue center that working to provide quality emergency and longer term care for rescued wildlife while engaging the public through learning events, awareness campaigns, and training future rehabers.
About The Wildlife Center of Virginia (From their Website): 
The Wildlife Center of Virginia was formed in 1982 to provide quality health care, often on an emergency basis, to native wildlife.

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Turtle Survival Alliance

Today’s Featured Organization is The Turtle Survival Alliance! (TSA) @TurtleSurvival
TSA is an organization that does it all.  Forming global partnership to prevent the extinction of endangered turtles and tortoises, supporting and conducting research, and with the opening of their new center they are breeding of at risk turtles and tortoises.
Transforming passion for turtles into effective conservation action through a global network of living collections and recovery programs.
The Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) is an action-oriented global partnership that is committed to zero turtle extinctions in the 21st century. To achieve this, the TSA:

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The Turtle Rescue of Long Island


Today’s Featured Organization is The Turtle Rescue of Long Island!
This organization holds a very special place in my heart. I was lucky to find them when Zoya came into my life and I was searching for good care information. The Turtle Rescue of Long Island’s website and mailing lists (Yahoo Russian Tortoise list & the rescues list) provide a wealth of resources for proper care of turtles and tortoises. 
More over, they have rescued, rehabbed, and released (or adopted out) thousands sick, injured or unwanted turtles and tortoises. They maintain a serious application process for their adoptions that ensure all their adopted animals are going to loving homes that can provide them with long term quality care and those who cannot be adopted out become permanent residents. The video above shows some of the many.
The demand for turtle and tortoise rehab has only increased over time, as have the numbers of abandoned animals. With that comes increased electricity costs, space needs, and maintenance. Run out of long island, the environmental needs are even larger during the winter time.
Take some time to read about their work and consider making giving if you can. Every penny helps! Read Scooters Story: http://www.turtlerescues.org/scooter.htm a special turtle that made a particularly large impact on everyone’s hearts. Check out their facebook page and give them a like!
How to Help! 
Turtle Rescue of Long Island is a non profit organization that has been taking in sick, injured and unwanted pet and native turtles and tortoises for well over ten years. Thousands have come through our doors and been rehabbed and released or adopted to new homes. One of our biggest burdens is the cost of electric to keep filters, heat lamps and heaters going to keep all the turtles and tortoises healthy. We really want to continue this work and hope with the help of our TRLI friends we can raise enough funds to get our roof reinforced and have solar power installed so we can continue for many more years.
Get some holiday gifts for yourself or others that also support TRLI! 
Buy a bottle of wine! -you can choose the type of wine or the type of turtle/tortoise! Makes a great holiday gift!
Turtle Rescue of Long Island is a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue that became incorporated in 2004. We do our best to place all the turtles and tortoises which can no longer be kept for whatever reason that are brought to us. Many people buy a turtle or tortoise and know very little about their care and don’t realize how large or how long turtles and tortoises can live with proper care. Others just find they can no longer care for their turtle or tortoise and just want to find it a good home. Whichever the case, we hope to help find good homes for those that need them.   
We also take in many native and non-native chelonians for rehabilitation. There are cases that can be anything from hit by car, illness, cruelty cases, neglect and abandoned.  Whenever possible all native wildlife is returned to the wild as they should be. Most others are adopted to permanent homes.  
For more information on turtles and tortoises join our Yahoo group. Just click on the link in the menu column. Lots of friendly turtle keepers with a like interest that love sharing advice, stories and more about their turtles and tortoises. Come join us!   http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/TurtleRescueLongIsland/join

Turtles in the Road Awareness Association

Todays Featured organization is Turtles in the Road Awareness Association @TITRAA1
An organization started by two awesome, turtle loving, college guys that witnessed a horrible incident involving a turtle trying to cross the road. They are just getting started, currently working to raise awareness of of turtles in the road, hoping to inspire drivers to keep an eye out, promote the addition of turtle x-ing signs in high turtle traffic areas, and helping by taking the time to help shells in the road make it to their desired location without harm.
About (from their website) :
TITRAA is a non-profit organization founded by Alex Ceddia and Graysen Ledbetter in 2013 [small scale organization not a 501c3]. The goal of TITRAA is to save turtles that have crawled out into the road that don’t have a chance to escape a moving vehicle coming towards them.
TITRAA was inspired by a tragic experience during the summer of 2013. We were driving down a side street when they saw a turtle start to come on the road. They decided that they would go back and try to save it, but as soon as they pulled over on the side of the road, a car had come and run over the turtle. We have saved two turtles personally and encourage others to just be more aware and do the same or take them to a place like a pond or a park where it’s more safe.
The Goal
Drivers across the world will be more aware of the dangers of turtles in the road, this also benefits their awareness to other drivers, bikers, or anything else that may be in/near the road. This improves the world in matter of safety, plus you could be saving lives, and those lives help make more lives! So you are helping turtles and turtle families everywhere. For the love of the world and all its nature!
Join the movement! Visit titraa.com and save the turtles!
How you can help: 
Spread the word about them through social media!
Follow them :
Follow on twitter: @TITRAA1
Purchase a wrist band, keychain or tshirt at their website http://www.titraa.com/  (not tax deductible)

Tiger Frances Foundation

Todays Featured Organization is The Tiger Frances Foundation! @TigerFrances 
An organization built out of pure love, The Tiger Frances Foundation rescues retrains and rehomes abused and abandoned animals. They don’t see these animals as lost causes, they see a need for love and care and seek to provide the animals with future filled with the same!
Recently, they have acquired their own dedicated foster house, providing the animals with 24 hour care and room to play. They also share their mission with organizations like The School on Wheels and the Girl Scouts, spreading ideas of compassion for all, including animals, through learning events.
They are a new and growing foundation, on the front lines of the animal abuse and homelessness epidemic. Every penny donated helps the animals in their care and those that will be in the future. Check out their site see pictures and videos of the amazing animals they’ve helped, read about their events, and to make a donation! 

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Quincy Animal Care Center – New England Aquarium

Today’s Featured Organization is @NEAQ New England Aquarium In response to the influx of cold stunned sea turtles coming into their Quincy Animal Care Center.

Their Quincy center is one of the leading rehabilitators of sea turtles found on cape cod beaches. Read about their rescue efforts on their blog http://rescue.neaq.org/

How To Help: 

Become a member

Make a Donation

Volunteer, donate supplies, and more


Another seriously busy day in turtle rescue, folks. More than 40 turtles arrived at our doorstep today! #animalrescue #endangeredspecies #turtles #beautiful #oceans #animals

Charles Darwin Foundation

Today’s Featured Organization is The Charles Darwin Foundation,  currently facing serious financial problems.
The Charles Darwin Foundation is responsible for bringing the Galapagos tortoise from the brink of extinction and maintaining the Giant Tortoise repatriation program. They work to conserve and increase the population of a multitude of critically endangered animals. The CDF has worked to save the mangrove finch (current population of approximately 80) to the Land Iguana (Also part of a breeding and repatriation program) and many more. They have also provided a wealth of environmental research and facilitated conservation efforts world wide.
Read about the Foundations Mission and Incredible History.

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