Wildlife Center Of Virginia

Today’s Featured Organization is The Wildlife Center of Virginia!
Most recently in the news for taking in and caring for the eastern box turtle that was painted pink. They have worked hard to educate children and adults about appropriate actions when encountering a turtle or tortoise in the wild. Having seen too many turtles, injured, abused, painted, etc, they created Wilson’s Turtle Promise! A pledge to do whats best for wild turtles, Leave them alone or help them in the direction they are going.
They are an award winning Wildlife Rescue center that working to provide quality emergency and longer term care for rescued wildlife while engaging the public through learning events, awareness campaigns, and training future rehabers.
About The Wildlife Center of Virginia (From their Website): 
The Wildlife Center of Virginia was formed in 1982 to provide quality health care, often on an emergency basis, to native wildlife.

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Tiger Frances Foundation

Todays Featured Organization is The Tiger Frances Foundation! @TigerFrances 
An organization built out of pure love, The Tiger Frances Foundation rescues retrains and rehomes abused and abandoned animals. They don’t see these animals as lost causes, they see a need for love and care and seek to provide the animals with future filled with the same!
Recently, they have acquired their own dedicated foster house, providing the animals with 24 hour care and room to play. They also share their mission with organizations like The School on Wheels and the Girl Scouts, spreading ideas of compassion for all, including animals, through learning events.
They are a new and growing foundation, on the front lines of the animal abuse and homelessness epidemic. Every penny donated helps the animals in their care and those that will be in the future. Check out their site see pictures and videos of the amazing animals they’ve helped, read about their events, and to make a donation! 

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