Ahhhh it be good to be back piratin', me hearties!What be ye starin' at?!  Bring out all th' noms!Avast, what be all these colors aroun' me?Th' Pirate Kirby be investigatin'!Me eyes see seashells an' more seashells....Do any o' these here seashells be secret noms?That do not be smellin' like noms!Ne'er fear, th' Pirate Kirby be th' one t' find any shells that be noms!Beware me STOMPs, seashells that be not noms!These here seashells be all suspiciously not nomlike...


Ahoy, me hearties!  It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, an’ th’ Pirate Kirby be back, fearsome GRUMP an’ all!

Avast!  I be marooned in a sea o’ unCHOMPable seashells!?  Bail me out o’ here smartly, ye scallywags, or ye be walkin’ th’ plank!


Do I be stranded in a land o’ no noms?!


Nary a whiff o’ noms I be smellin’!?


One o’ ye landlubbers bring me noms smartly or a mighty GRUMP storm be comin’!

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