Mom, I heard this shiny is supposed to be good luck!What are we supposed to do with it?Ta da!  How do I look?Do I look regal now?Bow down to Emperor Kirby!Marvel at Emperor Kirby's majestic STOMPs!You must admire Emperor Kirby from all angles!Emperor Kirby is looking for something...Your radicchio has been well received by Emperor Kirby!Where's the rest?!


I found Mom a shiny golden sycee to wish her a prosperous Lunar “Moo” Year!  All hail Emperor Kirby!  🧧👑🐢✨🐮🏮

✨  In imperial China, gold and silver ingots used as currency (called “sycees”) were minted in many different shapes, from squares to flowers to even tortoises.  Today, boat-shaped sycees are popular for Lunar New Year to symbolize prosperity and good fortune—or to make a festive hat if you’re a tiny tortoise!  🍫🎩

(Such a shame that tortoise-shaped sycees aren’t more popular!)


Do you have anything else for Emperor Kirby?


Emperor Kirby will not take “no” for an answer!


Beware Emperor Kirby’s STOMPs of wrath!


Emperor Kirby demands noms NOW!


The ground will shake with Emperor Kirby’s STOMPs until you bring noms!

Happy new year, Emperor Kirby! 

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