2021 is finally here!Shellebratory boops for 2021!Okay now where are the shellebratory 2021 noms?2020 was terrible but now it's 2021!2021, will you be yummier than 2020?Pink is a yummy color!Uh oh I'm already tangled up in 2021!Brunhilda, 2021 is DELICIOUS!Happy New Year, friends!Here's to a healthy and yummy 2021!


Good riddance to 2020, and shello to 2021!  🎉🎩🐢🥳🦕✨🎊

🎥  Watch me knock out 2020 and GRUMP in 2021 in our new video!  💪😤🎩😤

🌟  Plus, bonus video outtakes:


2021 is filled with yumminess already!


Excuse me, why are you laughing at me already?!


Hurrah for a brand new year!  🥳

Happy New year, Kirby!   A new years worth of noms to nom! LETS DO IT! 

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