I’m now the proud owner of a Russian tortoise!!

His old owners didn’t want him and didn’t know how to take care of him. So with some basic Googling I’ve found some stuff but I was wondering if there are any other torta-owners out there who want to share their tips? (Or even pictures?)

I grew up around my cousins who had box turtles and I know they have differences. I’m so excited!!

He’s 3 (according to the old owners) and his name is Nikolai so I’m in it for the long haul. Let me know what you know!

daww Welcome to the world of being owned by a tortle!  I accidently posted this without my rec. ha.

 I would definitely read up on http://russiantortoise.net the owner is a herpetologist and works with russians and other torts as well as rescues. Also run Carolina pet supply a great place to get stuff for your tortoise! The tortoise table is great as well. Specifically for plant id and safety checks.  

Everyone here is great too so I’m sure you’ll get lots of recs. Good luck and send us updates! 

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