what do you do when your tortoise eats his substrate? 😂

you give him a substrate he can eat and ask him how he likes sleeping in his food, eh?

… not really 😂 it was a temporary fix, he’s got some organic top soil now and he’s attempted to dig himself in the corner to sleep

I needed to get the reptibark out before he could eat any more and I had a bail of timothy hay. I know some tort parents use it as substrate but I find it to be too dusty and def not deep enough for Nik’s tank. I just needed to lay something down for the interim while I ran to go get something to lay in there until I can get some substrate he won’t eat

if you want a reptile that is super boring with no personality whatsoever and they’re basically just decorative, don’t get a Russian tortoise. they’re too much 🤪

So much truth! They are trouble in a shell and I love it. 

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