My mummy has come back! It’s been a long week without you mummy, nanny and grandpa took good care of me whilst you were sicky, but I’m very happy to have you back. I’ve been missing you and I’m glad that the scary thing was only a mild case. 🐢😊

(Thank you to everyone who was so supportive of me and my tortoise from my last post, I did have all the symptoms of the COVID 19, but thankfully it was only a mild case. It goes to show how united we all are even in the smallest of cases. I legit wept a little at all the support from people)

Oh we are SO happy to hear your mum is home and feeling better!  Please give her extra snuggles from me and my humom too.  Its scary when our humans get sick. Being a support tortle I know that from experience. its a good thing we’re so cute. Snuggles and our sweet faces make recovery a lot easier.. or thats what my human says. 

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