My friend has a pet turtle (that has been alive for longer than she has known him) and has been wondering what type it is. I think it’s a helmet turtle but I honestly have no clue. If anyone could give me some info to send to her, I would be grateful.


Hi @myredraven! Apologies for taking so long to reply! We’ve had a lot going on here these days. From what humom can is seeing, your friends turtle looks like a musk turtle, eastern musk turtle I think. They are sometimes called mud turtles or stinkpots (cause of their glands not cause they’re smelly)!

We have a good friend on twitter @jeffmusk that looks just like your friends turtle. They are great shells and always seem like they are smiling at ya. The coloration of the skin varies.

Here are some great articles about them with care info and history/natural habitat info for you and your friend to check out! 

Hope this helps! Say hi to that smiley shell for us! 

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