Shello, Christmas ornaments!  You sure are far from any Christmas trees!Lucky for you, the Holiday Kirby Express is running direct to the shiniest little Christmas trees!Engaging GRUMP speed!Coming through!It's important to boop the ground for noms along the way!Look, I spy green ahead!A bump in the road?Hang on, Christmas ornaments, the Holiday Kirby Express will get over this bump!Ta da!  Live-in tree GRUMP, look who I found!Now where shall we hang you on these trees, pretty Christmas ornaments?


🎄 12 Days of GRUMPmas, Day 9️⃣ 🎁
(Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 67, and 8)

Special delivery by the Holiday Kirby Express:  Christmas ornaments incoming!


Never fear, Christmas ornaments, the Holiday Kirby Express will get you to the tree with plenty of time to spare!


Okay, maybe these shiny Christmas trees are a bit small for this wooden soldier and his big gold star…


Don’t worry, soldier, we’ll find you a bigger Christmas tree to shine on!

Go Kirby Go!  You know, if you stay like that maybe santa will think YOU are the tree and leave all the presents right next to you! 

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