This is Zoya Pants!  She’s a Russian tortoise, not a cat (in case the enjoyment of a box of paper was confusing).  She also has ridiculous climbing ability and problem solving (plotting) skills that help her get into trouble (not that she needs any help). 

She plays a mean game of peekaboo and does a very good job hogging the blanket. 

She will try to convince you that no one feeds her and you need to bring her snacks. Don’t believe her. She definitely just ate. 

Despite her love of trouble, she does a very good job being a nurse tort for her human who has a chronic illness and gets chemo regularly. 

And she knows just when to pop her little head out of the dirt to say “HI!”, making bad days a whole lot better. 

We hope this makes you smile!! And hope tomorrow is a little less sad than today <3 <3 


I’m pretty sad today, would you guys mind sharing a pic of your pets and maybe a fun fact about them?

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