Ouachita Map Turtle



As you can see, they have a yellow
blotch behind each eye, another
yellow blotch below each eye and
a similar yellow blotch below
that spot on each mandible.


This species’ shell or carapace features a row of low vertebral spines, and is serrated on the posterior rim. The carapace is olive, dark brown, or black in coloration with light yellowish markings with dark borders. The underbelly or plastron color varies from cream to yellow and is patterned with dark lines and swirls. The body color is grayish brown to blackish and is marked with yellowish stripes.


Ouachita map turtles feed mainly on small aquatic animals such as shrimp, insects, molluscs, and fish. They also consume algae and aquatic plants.


All throughout waterways in Missouri and Arkansas, and deep into neighbouring states like Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and even as far away as Wisconsin, Ohio, West Virginia, and Alabama.

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