Most of all, don’t assume people you look up to behaviors as always correct.

This is an incredibly important post that I hope everyone will take the time to read and share.

As International turtle and tortoise week comes to a close, this is one point that is most important to remember, take the Wilson turtle (and tortoise) promise:   

Keep wildlife wild.


This has many forms.

1. When helping a turtle or tortoise cross the road, remember to move them to safety in the direction the were going. Do not take them away from their location because you intend to bring them to a place they find “safer”.

Our shell friends are smart and that is their home.  Don’t remove them, simply help them along and allow them to continue on their way.

2. Also, and I need to stress this next point the most as I have been irresponsible in vetting my posts lately, DO NOT TAKE ANY ANIMAL YOU FIND IN THE WILD INTO YOUR HOME TO MAKE YOUR PET.

Our shell friends have lived centuries in places we now call home. Their existence is dependent on the lives of those that came before and every animal taken from the wild = generations of future turtles and tortoises that will never be.

If you are graced with the presence of an incredible shell friend, keep a respectful distance, don’t stress the animal, and enjoy the view. heck, tell your shell friend how much you look forward to the turtpocalypse. That’s always appreciated!

And of course, if you’d plan to adopt a turtle or tortoise please do your research ahead of time. Be sure to find a reputable breeder or contact a rehab facility that has animals up for adoption. The illegal wildlife trade is real and it’s one of the greatest threats to turtles and tortoises worldwide.

So on that note, let’s all take a pledge to Keep wildlife wild! Leave turtles and tortoises in the wild alone to live their lives amongst us for generations to come! 

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