“It’s the First Time Any Western Chelonian Researchers have Encountered Forsten’s Tortoises in the Wild!” 

Christine Light (Sulawesi Chelonian Conservation Program Coordinator) and Cris Hagen (TSA’s Turtle Survival Center Director of Animal Management) are currently on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia conducting surveys for endemic chelonians.

Their counterparts
from Tadulako University (UNTAD) in Central Sulawesi, Dr. Jusri
Nilawati and Dr. Fadly Y. Tantu have found Forsten’s Tortoises in the
wild before.

Christine and Cris got to share the excitement of being the
first Western Biologists to see a Forsten’s Tortoise in the wild with
them, their students, Muh Gunanta Putera and the rest of the team…

Read more: https://turtlesurvival.org/first-forstens-tortoise-ever-encountered-in-the-wild-by-western-chelonian-researchers/

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