Catch Me If You Can: Pet Tortoises Are Increasingly Popular And Surprisingly Fast

Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, discovered last March that the family’s pet Russian tortoise, Roshi, had escaped from their yard in Marin County, Calif.

Mr. Stone’s wife, Livia, had put Roshi on the grass under a mesh tent
to protect him from their new Black Labrador puppy while she moved
their chickens out of the coop.

“In those five minutes,” says Mr. Stone, “Roshi managed to dig out,
boogie to the edge of the property, and get under the fence.”

The couple needed to break the news to their 6-year-old son, Jake.
“Let’s not freak out,” suggested Ms. Stone, as they searched in vain for
the rescue tortoise they had kept for 15 years. “Let’s say Roshi went
on a grand adventure.”

Eight months later, Jake, now 7, was in a gardening class in school,
not far from the house, when someone said, “Oh look, a tortoise!”

It was Roshi, eating the clover. “That’s my tortoise!” said Jake, who spotted the familiar three white splotches on his shell. “Incredible!” tweeted Mr. Stone in October. “Roshi is back after a grand adventure.”

This is a really good article and echoes something I tell people all the time about when I let my tortoise outside. 

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