I, th' mighty Cap'n Kirby, be plunderin' this here treasure!Open up this treasure chest, ye bilge rat!What be this here shiny?A shiny whatsit for navigatin'?  Set sail for noms!This shiny navigator be mine now!Well?  Where be th' noms?!Lookin' at th' shiny?  That be just what I be doin'!I still see no noms!I be hungry, ye scurvy dog!Where be th' noms hidin' in this shiny navigator?!


ARRRRRR!!  It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!  Th’ swashbucklin’ Pirate Kirby returns t’ plunder all yer noms!

Avast!  I found meself a jolly fine sextant t’ help me find all th’ noms this voyage!  C’mere, me shiny beauty, show me where all th’ noms be hidin’!


If ye be holdin’ back noms, beware th’ mighty GRUMP o’ Pirate Kirby!

Hand over yer noms or you walk the plank! Arrrg!   

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