My babies ❤️

“isn’t that a dog toy?” 

These two goobers. defying stereotypes left and right! 

Dogs and tortoises should never be around each other @liprince . The chances of something going horribly wrong are too high and the fact that the bacteria found in dog/cat saliva is lethal to reptiles, and dogs drool on everything and cats have a dry coat of saliva on their fur.

@tort-time please do not reblog these things saying how cute they are. They are images that just screams a disaster waiting to happen because all it takes is a blink of an eye for it to all go wrong. Tortoises blogs should help promote healthy tortoises care, and “cute” pictures like there are anything but.

For all people who follow me dogs/cats carry gram negative bacteria which reptiles have no immunity to. A simple lick, or the reptile playing with the dog/cat toy can be fatal. As cute as what it is to you it is stressful on the animal, despite the fact you cannot see the stress they are feeling. It is still there. Do not and I mean do not come at me with this bull story that they have been doing this for years and have been fine. Yeah sometimes it can take a few years, or it can be the first interaction. Accidents happen and you cannot predict them. To avoid all that just simply never allow them to interact. It is as simple as that.

You’re right I need to do better @courtnashe Thank you for reposting with the important info. it’s a risk not worth taking, shell family. What might be cute for a moment could end in disaster. Our shell friends deserve betters.

Another important point to add to the above, Tortoise shells have a scent that is like raw hide. This fact alone Is a reason to keep them seperate. A dog will not know the difference and that is also a disaster waiting to happen.

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