Did you know the largest sea turtle in the world can be found in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, just off the coast of California? 

Leatherback sea turtles like this one can be more than six feet long and weigh more than 2,000 pounds. These huge turtles have a big appetite for jellyfish – look closely, and you can see the tentacles of a sea nettle jelly hanging out of this one’s mouth. 

That food preference puts them especially at risk from marine debris, as floating plastic bags and other plastics look remarkably like swimming jellies. Help protect these endangered sea turtles and always dispose of your trash properly!

(Photo: Douglas Croft) 

[Image description: A closeup view of a leatherback sea turtle’s head while it swims at the ocean surface. A sea nettle tentacle is hanging out from the corner of its mouth.]

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