Hold a paddle?  I don't need a paddle!  I can run around this table just fine by myself!Why are you telling me to play with this ball?  Have you forgotten I am not a dog?!Why is this ping pong ball pretending to be a soccer ball?!Excuse me, you're blocking my way, ping pong net!Ha!  No net can stop me!I'm going to bulldoze my way under this net, just you watch!No puny net is going to stop me!Well, okay, maybe the net isn't that puny...Ha!  Look, I made it!What do you mean, I'm still stuck?!?


Fourth of July Party 2018, Part 3
(Parts 1 and 2)

A party wouldn’t be a party without fun and games!  After my excellent job guarding mini Bucky, I got to learn a new game:  ping pong!  Friend gckaf’s ping pong ball confused me:  What’s a ping pong ball doing looking like a soccer ball???

Mom tried to teach me how to hold a ping pong paddle, but I was far more interested in the ping pong table itself.  The net in the middle of the table was just high enough for my head and front leggies to fit under, but try as I might, I couldn’t fit the rest of me under the net!  Out of my way, silly net!!


Bucky, do you see how rude this net is being?!  How dare it not make way for someone as important as I am?!

Doesn’t it know you’re a shelleberity?!?!?

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