you do know what a tort even is? like do you know what “tort” really means? hint, it’s not a tortoise.

Happy Sunday to you too, Anon! Thanks for your interest in tort-time and how it got its name. You will likely be surprised to know that 
I do, in fact, ‘even know’ what tort means (in the context I’m assuming you’re referring to). 

Long ago, when you were just a twinkle in your mom’s eye,  my friend and I drove down to DC for what we’ve always called Friendsgiving.  That particular year she was in the midst of studying for the bar exam, and as the passenger, it was my responsibility to read the flashcards to her.  Fast forward a few years and Zoya came along, and the word tort and tortie were regularly used to describe her. So when I sat down to start my blog almost seven years ago, I decided to name it Tort-time cause torts remind me of those flashcards and “love a tort and confuse a lawyer”. It was a silly thing that made me laugh but worked to confuse/concern you, someone I’m assuming is an aspiring lawyer?

In any case, that’s the origin of the blog name. It seems like a good time to remind you that words have context and any good lawyer (or any person reading things) considers the context of the word or words when determining their meaning.  

We here at tort-time apologize if our URL and Blog name has caused you harm, it was unintentional.  We are not lawyers ourselves, but we’re pretty sure any harm is negligible at best, and you wouldn’t be granted any compensation other than this response.

Though now that we’re talking about torts I’m worried about that Zoya cam I set up on top of her castle without telling her and all those pics of her bum in the bath I posted here and took without permission. I’m sure Zoya would like representation if you’re interested. I mean, damn she’d be awarded several fields worth of dandelions by the time its all said and done. But come on! I’m tortfeeder not a tortfeasor. OK, that went too far.

Just know that those flashcards are what came to mind when I heard tortoises called torts, and the terms are ripe with potential tortoise and turtle jokes. That’s how it happened and here we are years later. I have no regrets. It was not an intentional tort 😉

p.s. I hope any other anon asks you’ve sent out read less jerk-like than this one did.  I’m sure you’re a perfectly lovely human being and wouldn’t want others to make assumptions about you.

Here. Have a picture of Zoya being adorable.  She knew I was taking this picture so its cool.


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